Friday, October 23, 2015

Cannon Selphy CP910 Windows 10 Drivers

I have several CP910 for a photo booth business and most recently upgraded to Windows 10.  Personally I have no need to keep the old operating system so the PC I started with was a fresh install.  The Cannon website said the CP910 did not need drivers.  Bullshit.  I had no joy trying to get it to work.

Several reboots later I decided I would try the windows 8.1. Drivers.  This was the trick.  All I had to do was download from Cannon the 8.1 in my case x64 drivers and install them.  All the printers showed up perfectly.  Printer pooling also works so I was happy as could be.

Hope this post finds its way to those of you with this somewhat nice but now aging and discontinued printer on Windows 10.