Friday, April 19, 2013

Twitter peeking at your tweets to target ads.

Appy Geek is reporting that  Twitter will mine people's tweets to target ads.  Scanning your eMail and Tweets is starting to become the norm these days.  Google has been doing it for some time, now twitter is going to start doing it.  

There are whole army of people against this and I posted about it with the website.  I still don't see the issue with this.  If you feel your electronic information is safe you are living under a rock.  Information Security is a very false sense of security.  Hackers, employees, social engineering it all comes down to one thing.  People.  Your data is only as secure as you think it is.  

Try this social experiment. Walk into a McDonalds and sit a table next to a group who just received their food.  Wait about a minute then walk up to the counter and say "Yeah, I'm with the group over there, we were short one double cheeseburger".  See if you get one.  9/10 times you will with no questions asked. 

Your security works the same way.  I personally know that with a little dumpster diving you can grab a bank statement, and call the bank and find out all sorts of things about an account.  In fact you can even ask to have a duplicate debit card sent to you because the magnetic stripe is wearing out.  They wont deactivate the old one just ship you a new one.  I have had the bank tell me "Make sure you destroy the old one because both will work.".  Now if I was a malicious attacker I could use your debit card (The new one I requested) while you were able to use yours.  

The whole point here is that Twitter and Google are mining your data to target ads to you.  Frankly I'm ok with that.  Why?  Its better than random nonsense or tampon ad's when I have no use for them.  I dont mind seeing ads for cool gear I might be interested in.  

Microsoft though better get on the ball and register or something so they can strike fear into twitter users to use Bing.